At Vinuthana, we are committed to ensuring that every product we produce meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

Our teams are equipped with the latest technology and are dedicated in upholding rigorous quality control & safety measures at every stage of the production.

We are dedicated to delivering pharmaceutical products that meet the highest standards of excellence, instilling trust and confidence in our stake holders.



Utilizing our strength in Medicinal Chemistry, we synthesize lead-like, drug-like fragments and molecules to enrich chemical space of our client’s compound repository. Till now we synthesized 100’s of fragment molecules and novel intermediates based on our customer requirements.

We do rapid & efficient development, scale-up and manufacturing of a small molecule process from a medicinal chemistry route to a 100kilogram scale in a short period. We manufacture novel molecules of your interest though key isolation strategies for each product had not been developed, Our team took on the challenge, rapidly develop a user friendly process in the laboratories that was further demonstrated in the kilo lab and followed-up by large scale manufacturing.

Vinuthana provides chemical synthesis from route scouting, process development, scale-up to commercial manufacturing. We will manufacture high quality early phase intermediates, that serves Europe and US market. We ensure successful scale up and timely product delivery for your regular needs.